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Ingemar Lönnbom
Karlskrona, Sweden

A professional presentationIngemar Lönnbom, author, journalist:Born 1956 in Mönsterås, north of Kalmar.1978-80 Journalist Academy of Stockholm.

1980-90 Reporter at the local broadcasting station ”Radio Blekinge”.

1991-94 Chief editor at the news desk of Radio Blekinge now called ”Sveriges Radio
Blekinge” since local radio was integrated with
the national broadcasting corporation ”Sveriges Radio”.

Worked as free lance journalist 1994-2005
for radio, local television and printed media. Also several commissions for the city of Karlskrona and the county of Blekinge. Likes to work with current affairs, local history, culture and tourism. Lead a seminar on aid-work in Lithuania at the Forum Lithuania in June 1998. Has written a book about the local food culture in the county of Blekinge ”Med smak av Blekinge” together with Susanne Ström (printed in 1997). Have published a
book about the history of province Blekinge
”Från Danmarks vedbod till Sveriges
trädgård” (2000). Blekinge belonged to Denmark until 1658.

Free lancer

I’m an author and freelance journalist in Karlskrona, working for television and radio
networks, newspapers and other printed media, mostly in the southeast of Sweden, province Blekinge.
Karlskrona is best known around the world because a Soviet submarine went ashore here in 1981.


My life:I was born in 1956 on a small farm. My mother Gunnel still live there.
My brother Håkan is two years younger than me, born in 1959.
I went to high school in Oskarshamn 1972-75 and studied journalism in Stockholm 1978-80. After that I worked for local radio stations in Kalmar, Växjö and Karlskrona. Since 1994 I have my own freelance-business.From January 1998 till November 1998 I was ”culture editor” of Radio Blekinge – an
eleven month part-time project.

This is my e-mail address:

You can call me, too: Sweden has international phone code 46

You usually have to omit the first 0-digit when you phone to Sweden.

cellphone 0708-310392


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